Gay Rights-II-C

17 Sep

President Trump had brought sanctions against schools allowing boys to play on girl’s teams and allowing boys to use girl’s bathrooms to end the practice. However, President Biden immediately reversed President Trumps attempts to protect girls. He signed an executive order requiring all schools in the country to allow boys to participate in girl’s sports and use the bathroom of their choice. Girls sports were started to allow girls to play on a level playing field competing against those with similar abilities. Allowing boys to participate in girl’s sports would force girls out of the competition, since boys are generally bigger and stronger than girls. It could also subject them to serious injury. Schools have separate bathrooms to protect girl’s privacy and protect them from being assaulted by sexual predators. Allowing boys to use girl’s bathrooms and showers destroys their privacy and leaves girls open to assault. Normally a boy could not go into a girl’s restroom without getting in trouble, but if they are allowed to be there, no one would notice and a predator could walk in without being stopped. Conservatives in Congress have proposed HR 256-The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2021 to cut funding to schools that allow boys to play in girl’s sports. Sadly, many schools don’t listen until you threaten their funding. Voters need to demand their representatives support the bill and campaign against their representatives when they come up for reelection if they don’t. Now President Biden has ordered women’s jails and prisons to accept males who identify as women. That opens the door to rapists and predators to prey on women simply by declaring themselves to be women. Those admitted to women’s prisons so far include rapists and even a serial killer of women, The number of rapes in women’s prisons is exploding and the women are helpless to defend themselves. The women are locked in a cell with rapists and predators and so are easy prey.




17 Sep

Many schools are desperately in need of school bus drivers. Some need them so bad they are calling out the National Guard to transport kids. The school will often provide the training to enable you to get certified to drive. The  job is only nine months with summers free and is good for someone who is retired and doesn’t require a full-time job. It could also be a good entry into full-time bus driving in city transit companies or for tour buses. Another opportunity that is out there is companies that transport rail crews to and from their trains or to other railyards. Some work in the railyard itself and don’t go out of town, while others may switch between the two. If you like to travel, over the road trips may be as much as 200-300 miles each way and go to a wide variety of destinations. I drove for a company for a while when I was between jobs and the crews usually slept on the way out and I came back empty so they were usually no bother. I drove minivans or twelve passenger vans so I didn’t need a trucker’s license and they were easy to drive. That was a while ago and the rules may be somewhat different today but you can check with the company. Contact the trainmaster at the nearest railyard and they can tell you who to contact.


Third Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 19

17 Sep

Value of life-As we grow in Christ, we become more like Him. While those of the world only value things that benefit them, those who walk with Christ begin to see what God values. One of the marks of a Christian is their value of life. Those of the world only value those who benefit them. They feel that they can determine whether someone has value and if they don’t seem to have value (unwanted babies, the sick, disabled, or elderly) then they feel they should not be taking up precious resources and should be terminated.  Those who follow Christ feel that everyone is created by God and so has value.  Only God can determine when to terminate a person’s life.  Babies who may not be wanted by their parents, may be an answer to prayer of someone who wants children but cannot have them on their own. Those who are sick, disabled, or elderly may continue to contribute love, encouragement, or other benefits that cannot be measured. Walking with Christ helps us see things as God sees them and not just what we see on our own.


Yom Kippur-Sept 15

16 Sep

Yom Kippur is an important Jewish holiday in which God commands every Jew to participate but is largely forgotten by Christians. After the ten days following Rosh Hashanah in which the Jews are to settle their differences and repent from sin, the Jews spend 24 hours in prayer. Formerly, the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies to offer a sacrifice and intercede for Israel, however since Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, was slain for our sins, the temple sacrifice is no longer necessary. Therefore, God allowed the temple to be destroyed after Jesus death and resurrection, making further sacrifice impossible. On Yom Kippur, the books opened on Rosh Hosanna are sealed, yet Jews have no assurance that their deeds are adequate because they cannot be sure the sacrifice was without blemish. We can be sure of our salvation because Jesus died for our sins and He is without sin. We are not justified by works and cannot walk in sin and atone for it in a few days of repentance. Since the destruction of the temple, the priests have watered down the importance of the sacrifice, but the Bible says there is no remission of sins without the shedding of blood. Many churches today have watered down the Gospel and pretend going to church is adequate to save you. Many no longer ask for repentance and dedication to Christ.




10 Sep

Parents finally got a look at what their children are being taught as the Covid epidemic forced  children to learn from home and many parents are very upset by what they see. Many voters do not vote in school board elections and there is usually no information available on what school board candidates believe and it has allowed liberal school board members to dictate what is taught in the schools. In addition, the federal government and text book publishers have been increasingly pressuring schools to accept liberal indoctrination. It is time for parents to rise up and take back their children’s education. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of school board seats open this Fall and it will be important for parents to research where the candidates stand. Press your local newspaper to do a poll of the candidates on important issues and publish the results for voters to use in selecting who to vote for. IVoterGuide is doing a massive project to gather and publish as  much information on school board candidates around the country as possible but they won’t be available to do them all. Check before the election to see if they have done your school district. Important issues include sex education, including LGBTQ indoctrination, Critical race theory, religious freedom for children, teachers, and school district employees, parent’s rights (including the right to know what is taught and be able to opt their children out of objectionable curriculum), academic excellence vs liberal indoctrination, if non-academics are crowding out critical learning, school choice, school budgets, and rising local taxes. .



Second Sunday of Kingdomtide-B

10 Sep

Many church leaders have occupied the same positions since anyone can remember and probably will as long as they are able. This results in the church getting in a rut and refusing to do anything new.  In addition, few churches have outreach ministry to the community. The church needs to expand the churches ministry to involve more members.  An effective way to draw new ideas into the decision process is to return to the Biblical principle of the Sabbatical. Establishing the Biblical doctrine of Sabbatical where workers serve for six years and then take off a year on a rotating basis allows new Christians to gain experience and allows workers to step back and look for other areas that might interest them.(See “To Preserve The Light”) In addition, Christian para-church organizations often need volunteers and provide training for them providing excellent opportunities for those seeking to get experience in ministering to others. Some even have paid positions where members can become involved in full-time ministry.


Second Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept. 12-A

10 Sep

A-Growing in faith-Learning By Doing-A Children learn by doing and new Christians learn the same way. Unfortunately, few churches today have training programs where new Christians can work alongside more mature Christians. By involving new Christians in hands-on ministry in the congregation and in Christian ministries under the tutorage of more mature Christians, new Christians learn how to serve Christ and the Church. They learn how to minister as they watch others minister and get to minister to others themselves. As new Christians minister to others, they not only learn to identify those who have needs and how to minister to them, they also develop a love and concern for them. However, few churches today involve many of their members in ministry. They wait until an opening occurs and try to pressure someone to take the position, even though that person may have no prior experience and may not have the gifts for it or the concern for it. As a result, many Churches today are very ineffective in training new Christians in ministry or reaching people for Christ. Involving more members in ministry will allow the church to train more people for ministry and reach more people for Christ. It also enables the church to train them for when the present leadership can no longer serve.


The Courts-B-AH

06 Sep

Liberals are accusing the Supreme Court of ignoring its own rulings in upholding the right of Texas to ban abortions after a heartbeat is detected. They are not ones to talk. They openly ignore State and federal laws, the Constitution, and Supreme Court rulings whenever they don’t agree with them. Planned Parenthood is continually in violation of federal law banning the harvesting and selling of body parts and frequently violates Rowe vs Wade by killing babies who have survived an abortion or allowing them to starve to death. Since they have been born, it is evident that  they are alive and so are protected by the Constitution. Rowe vs Wade stated that since we didn’t know when life begins, the courts could not protect unborn babies. Since babies who survived abortions have been born, they are not unborn babies and so are not covered by Rowe vs Wade. However, the Supreme Court has often reviewed and changed previous rulings. If they had not overturned the Dred Scott decision, Blacks would still be slaves. Besides, the Supreme Court did not overturn its own decision. In Rowe vs Wade, the Supreme Court stated that if the moment when life begins is ever defined, the Court’s decision was null and void. Since Texas has defined when life begins (the existence of a heartbeat) , the courts in the State are obligated to protect babies after it is determined that the baby has a heartbeat. The presence of a heartbeat has been the determination of the existence of life since the beginning of recorded history. When the heart stops, it is felt that life has ceased so the existence of a heartbeat is used to determine that life exists.



Rosh Hosanna-C

06 Sep

Today is Rosh Hosanna. Many today ignore Rosh Hosanna as one of those traditions of the Jews that has passed away but God said it was one of the celebrations which were to be celebrated forever. As we look to the coming of Rosh Hosanna, those of us who have studied the Bible and believe it look at it coming with fear and hope. We look at it with fear because a large part of the church no longer keeps the Word of the Lord. While they proclaim the Bible as God’s Word, they ignore those parts of it that they don’t agree with. Many churches today are Christian in name only for they do not teach the Word of God or live it out in their life. Many feel they are Christians but have never been taught what it means to be Christian and are not walking with God. Many churches will meet on Sunday morning after Christ comes and wonder why they are still here. Many preachers will stand in the pulpit and try to explain to them why they were left behind but it will all be in vain. We look forward with hope because one year on that day, those who are in Christ will rise to be with him in the air. Just as the Jews prayed on Passover that Elisha would come to share the feast with them, we Christians should pray that Christ will come that we might share the marriage feast of the Lamb with Him.



04 Sep

Liberals continue to yell about how Social Security is running out of money and they will need to cut benefits or raise Social Security taxes that workers pay. There would have been plenty of money for the future if liberals had not raided the Social Security fund to fund their social welfare programs. Seniors should demand that there be no more cuts in benefits or raises in Social Security taxes until every cent taken out is returned to Social Security along with the interest it would have earned.