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Fifth Sunday of Pentecost-B

29 Jun

Para-church organizationsMinistry beyond the church In the beginning, para-church organizations to minister to the community were supported by the churches which provided oversight as well as supplying funds and volunteers. As a result, many church members were able to get training and experience through the programs. However, many churches no longer support the parachurch organizations and the organizations get very little support from individual churches, so they are often forced to draw their support from the community at large. As a result, churches often see them as competitors for money rather than as avenues for ministry and church members are finding few avenues to serve and no training in how to serve. Many para-church organizations can provide volunteer opportunities for members to serve God and often provide needed training. (see “The Important I”-LULU  Press) If you are interested in serving Christ beyond the local church check with the local Salvation Army or other church related ministries to see what volunteer opportunities are available in your area.


Fifth Sunday of Pentecost-A-July 3

29 Jun

Parachurch Ministries Ministry beyond the church In the past, many members learned to minister to others as they ministered to other members and to those who  came to the church for help. Today, church members are so scattered they rarely know each other well and few people come to the church seeking help anymore. As a result members get little experience in ministering to others and few church members have the experience to help. Many problems in small churches do not warrant separate programs to deal with them, however many problems formerly associated with the inner-city are moving to the suburbs as the poor move to the suburbs where rent is cheaper, housing is better, and there is less violence. Many suburban and rural areas do not know how to deal with the problems and many problems are too big for individual churches to handle. As a result, many churches today have withdrawn from ministry to those around them so many community needs are not being met. Parachurch organizations have grown up to help, such as Habitat For Humanity, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, etc. to carry on ministries and to meet the unmet needs in the community.


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22 Jun

I have a course on Basic Christian Beliefs for new Christians and as a refresher for long-time Christians, which is posted on Udemy.

It is available by posting the following link in your browser.


video-A Servant’s Heart-part-A-book promo

13 Jun


videos-A Servant’s Heart-part-B-book promo

30 May


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23 May


Living Our Faith-A-A

06 May

Liberals today say it makes no difference what you believe, it won’t affect how you live your life. They don’t want you to examine what you believe because you might discover that the things that they want you to do violate what you believe. In college, I studied Sociology and we studied human behavior.  It was evident that the values people held guided the decisions they made.  Jesus came to show us a better way to live and said, “You must be born again”. He meant that we had to die to self and be born in Him. The ways of God are different from those who do not know Him and are so much better than our ways because He knows us and what is best for us.  The American church was so affective in teaching God’s values in the early 20th Century, that the average American accepted Christian values even though they had no contact with a church, because those values were taught in the schools and in the media, and were the guiding principles in our courts of law. The church became lax in teaching what God values and human values crept into our schools and media, and have infiltrated our courts of law. Often today, those are the only values most people hear. As a result, human values have taken over our society and many church members now hold human values. Christians need to learn what God values and seek to live them out in their daily lives. As a result, I have written a series on Christian values and how they differ from human values. Available manuscripts are listed on our website at and are available upon request


Fourth Sunday of Eastertide-May 8

04 May

Fourth Sunday of Eastertide-Explore- One of the most important ways to find what our gifts are is to experiment in different areas of the church to find what we enjoy doing and do well. This is one of the most neglected areas of the church today. Most churches are run by a small group of people who have always filled the same positions. While they complain that no one wants to work, they give very little opportunity for new people to become involved. The church must provide opportunities for members to become involved in various areas of the church so they can find their interests and talents. One way is through a requirement that limits everyone to two three-year terms and requires everyone to take a sabbatical every seventh year. This helps prevent workers from becoming burned out and enables new people to become involved. It also gives members on their Sabbatical time to shop around to see if there are other areas that might interest them. Some churches have a Sunday where each church work group has a booth in the fellowship hall and members can wander from booth to booth talking with people who belong to that work group. Some churches even invite Christian community service groups to have a booth for those called to serve beyond the local church. There are also interest surveys available. I have written a booklet, “The Important I” which helps with determining what would be a good career (part-A), but also outlines areas in the church and community that offer opportunities for volunteer work (part-B). It includes an interest survey and can be obtained by E-mailing me at, requesting the booklets, “The Important I” and put “booklet” in the subject line.


Third Sunday of Eastertide-May 1

27 Apr

(Luke 24:49) Wait and Seek-Jesus rose from the dead and He revealed Himself to the disciples. I am sure they wanted to rush right out and tell everyone, but Jesus told them to wait until they received the power from the Holy Spirit. Just as Lent is a time where we purify ourselves to receive Christ. Eastertide is a time when we should begin to seek God’s purpose for our life and begin preparing to serve Christ. Lent involves seeking to remove anything from our life that would hinder our service and Eastertide involves finding where Christ would have us to serve. As a result, during Eastertide, the church should seek to help its members discover their gifts. As the church begins to see what gifts are available, it can begin planning how to use those gifts to further God’s kingdom.


Second Sunday of Eastertide-April 24

21 Apr

Our mission– Jesus appeared to His disciples in Galilee-Matt. 28: 16-20 After Jesus rose from the dead and showed Himself to His disciples, He gathered His disciples and told them to go and make disciples of all nations. The church should be clear on it’s mission. A disciple is a student who is training to follow his master. We are to seek the lost and lead them to the Lord. Once they receive Christ, we are to baptize them, symbolically illustrating their death and resurrection in Christ. Then we are to teach them to do all that Christ has commanded us. That involves active training, not the passive attendance which is common in many churches today. Every church board should open every meeting with the questions “What can we do to win souls?” and “What can we do to train our members to be better disciples?” Now is a good time to finalize plans for a summer campaign to reach those who do not know Christ.