Voter safety-I-IM

05 Aug

Liberals keep hammering on how conservatives are trying to corrupt the election process and steal the election, but it is the liberals who are pressing for the loopholes to allow ballot tampering and fake ballots. If I thought my opponent was trying to steal the election, I certainly would not hand him the tools to do it. I would be fighting to close every loophole as soon as possible to make sure my opponent was not able to steal the election, like conservatives are trying to do. It is interesting that liberals are fighting every attempt to close the loopholes that allow ballot tampering. They are fighting Voter ID, allowing voting by mail, preventing voting stewards from getting close enough to actually be able to spot any ballot tampering, allowing ballot harvesting by unauthorized personnel, not cleaning the voter rolls. They all enable voting by those not eligible to vote, or allow fake ballots to be entered into the system and are being pushed by liberal politicians who claim conservatives are trying to steal the election. Frankly, I would go with the evidence and not with accusations that present no proof.  The people need to guard their ballot system carefully or it could be stolen from them. Voters can no longer rely on politicians and will need to initiate and pass ballot issues requiring voter ID, ban voting by mail, allow voting stewards to actually supervise the ballot counting, and ban ballot harvesting by unauthorized personnel. In addition, they should vote out politicians who refuse to clean up the voting rolls or follow voting rules.



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