27 Jul
Those supporting Gay marriage know that any popular vote on the issue will be defeated 
because most people oppose Gay privileges. Therefore, they choose to go through the 
legislatures and the courts. Gay Rights organizations know they can sway Democratic 
votes by contributing large sums to their election campaigns and while many Republicans 
oppose Gay privileges, they are afraid to speak out because of smear campaigns by Gay 
Rights activists or are outvoted by legislatures dominated by Democrats. Democrats are 
pushing a bill right now called the “Respect for Marriage Act” which would openly trash
marriage and open it to anyone who wants to get the benefits of marriage, whether it be those 
of the opposite sex or not and the shameful thing is that some Republican legislators who 
have always supported real marriage are caving in and supporting it. Christians need to 
support and vote for legislators and judges who support the sanctity of marriage. 

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