04 May

While every election is important, this election could well determine the way this country will go. It is obvious that this country is headed downhill financially, and something needs to be done soon. Democrats subscribe to the tax and spend philosophy which is bankrupting our country. They pass out money to win people over, but people don’t realize that it is their money they are getting. The government takes their money and gives a little back. On social issues, it is apparent that Democratic Congressmen vote the way the party tells them in spite of their campaign promises because they are afraid to break ranks due to the fear of losing the millions of dollars in campaign funds they get from Planned Parenthood and the Gay Rights Coalition so they cannot be depended on to turn this country around. In addition, Presidents nominate Supreme Court Justices, and they serve for life. The Court currently contains four who support the Constitutional rule of law and four who support the liberal policy of legislating from the bench (making laws by judicial rule, with one swing vote. Therefore, this President or the next one will shape the Court for years to come. In addition, it is hard for a President to accomplish much unless he has the support of Congress. Therefore, it is very important to check the voting record of the candidates.



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