07 Jun

The push for public schools resulted from the drive for universal education. Education had originally been only for the rich. Universal education was necessary for a democracy because only an informed electorate can vote intelligently. Voters must understand the issues and the consequences of the opposing views to decide on the best course of action. They can then vote for the candidate that they feel will help them achieve the best outcome. Universal education will also boost the economic level of the society. Before universal education, society was basically a farm economy overseen by a few wealthy rulers. It also opens the door to those who are poor to improve themselves and rise above the level they grew up in, offering a better life for them and their children. As people are educated, they can secure jobs in existing industries and businesses and develop new businesses. Society also benefits. The more people engaged in profitable work, the more society will prosper. Democrats say they support funds for public schools, which everyone should be willing to support, but the devil is in the details. Liberal scholars have hijacked the schools and are using them for social engineering. They are seeking to break down the family which is where children learn moral values and gender roles, so they can mold society to accept their philosophies. Children are taught sexual license from an early age causing widespread sex outside marriage. In addition, they have begun pushing gender confusion to disrupt normal sexual relationships. They have also sought to turn children against their parent’s values and  demonize Christianity to allow them to breakdown the family and instill their own values.



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