Violence and Social Strife-E-J

10 May

While Democrat politicians continually call for social justice, they often don’t see the causes and effects. They demonized police by illustrating every Black person killed by a White police officer claiming racism and called for defunding the police. They ignore the fact that most were hardened criminals, often armed and dangerous, and in the process of committing a crime. While accidents do happen because officers have to make split second decisions with nothing but appearances to decide whether the criminal has a gun and intends to use it, they often are dealing with people who have weapons and a history of killing. Blaming the high rate of arrests of Blacks on racism ignores the fact that the majority of crime is committed by Blacks and more Blacks kill Blacks then Whites kill Blacks. Their rhetoric resulted in increased fear of and anger against police by Blacks. The result was extensive violence that destroyed more Black businesses and residences then White ones. It also created greater fear of Blacks by Whites. Relations between Blacks and Whites had been steadily improving, but have seriously deteriorated since President Obama took office. It also ignores the fact that we would have chaos without police. Every city defunding the police has seen crime skyrocket. They also call for reparations for Blacks who had ancestors who were slaves. It ignores the fact that Democrats protected slavery before the Civil War and suppressed Blacks after the Civil War. They also fought civil rights for Blacks in the 1960’s. They ignore the fact that it was mostly White people who fought for freeing the slaves before and during the Civil War and many White people aided Blacks in pressuring the government to pass Civil Rights laws in the 1960’s. Those who would pay the reparations had nothing to do with slavery and may even have fought against it while those who would receive it did not suffer from slavery and are hurt more by broken families caused by poorly designed welfare programs instituted by Democrats then by racism. If welfare was designed to help husbands get employment instead of driving them out of the house, Black people would not face the problems they face today.



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