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Third Sunday of Kingdomtide-B

19 Sep

The church has turned most of its social services over to the government so most people no longer see the church as caring about them. They see the government supplying their needs and now look to the government when they need help. While the government provides for their immediate needs like food and housing, it does little to provide long term help to enable them to get back on their feet and able to help themselves. In fact, many government rules prevent or at least discourage people from helping themselves. If the government provides for their needs, there is little incentive to provide for themselves. In addition, while the government can supply their physical needs, it can not supply their spiritual needs.


Third Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 20-A

19 Sep

Concern for others involves more than just seeing them as people of value. It involves active concern for the welfare of others where we look out for each other. The world has no concern except to survive and is always looking out for number one. Their first concern in any decision is what will it benefit them. The church needs to show active concern for others as it develops programs and makes decisions by considering the impact it will have on those involved, not just on its benefit to us. The church needs to actively develop programs to minister to church members and train them to minister to those around the church who don’t belong to a church.


Second Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 13

10 Sep

-Values-Christian values had so taken over the western world that many in the church had begun to view the community’s values as Christian. Unnoticed by many Christians is the fact that liberals have been taking over community values through the schools, the media, and the entertainment industry. While liberals have been very vocal about what they believe, the church has been silent and done little to counter the liberal teachings. Many Christians still believe we are a Christian nation, but our community values are anything but Christian. Our communities at large no longer value life, the rule of law, the family, or any other values taught by God. If the church is to regain the moral high ground, it must speak out against the liberal teachings. However, it can not simple proclaim that God says so because they don’t recognize the authority of a God they don’t believe exists. Christians must demonstrate through their lives that God’s values are superior to man’s values.


First Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 6

10 Sep

Salt & Light Kingdomtide involves life in the kingdom. While Jesus is coming back someday to establish His kingdom on the earth, we are called to redeem the world around us as we live out our life every day. We are called to transform our world as we become salt and light in our community. Salt is a preservative. It prevents the spread of decay by creating a condition that prevents the growth of that which causes decay. Christians are called to create a situation in their community that prevents the spread of evil. They can do that by enacting laws that prevent the spread of evil and punish those who engage in it. Light on the other hand exposes that which is hidden so we don’t trip over it. Evil likes to hide in the dark, but light exposes it so it can be removed or destroyed. Christians are also called to expose evil. Evil thrives on lies but Christians are called to teach the truth, exposing the lies. In addition, by living out God’s love, we show the world the benefits of love and care for each other and the evil in selfishness and hatred. Kingdomtide should be a time when we seek to cultivate the qualities that enable us to be salt and light in our communities.


Fourteenth Sunday of Pentecost-Aug 30

06 Sep

Helping Neighbors-Assist with yard work. As people get older, they often cannot do many things they used to do, such as shoveling snow, raking leaves, or mowing the lawn and it is getting very hard to get people to do the work. Professional people are often way to expensive for those on limited incomes. Teens used to do the work to earn spending money but many parents now give the kids money to buy a lot of things they used to earn money to get for themselves. In addition, many kids are so busy with sports and other school activities that they no longer have time to do such work. A neighbor mowing their own lawn or shoveling their own walk can easily mow an extra lawn or shovel an extra walk and it is a good way to teach teens the value of a dollar or the joy of helping someone in need. In addition, those out of work could use the money. While it doesn’t pay like a full time job, it provides a little money until a job can be found.


Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost-Aug 23

26 Aug

Adult Tutoring- Many students today, especially boys, drop out of school before graduating and many who graduated from high school before the implementation of “No Child Left Behind”, can not read and write because they had trouble in school and were just passed from grade to grade. Many classes today teach by memorizing words rather than learning how to figure out words on their own. As a result, many adults read very little because they have never learned to read adequately. Many such people are unable to get decent paying jobs and often can not get any steady work and can not afford classes to bring them up to an adequate level to get a good job. Often tutors can bring them up to an adequate level in just a couple years of part-time tutoring. Adult tutors are needed to teach evening classes in reading and Math, as well as basic computer skills to enable participants to deal with the demands of everyday life since many jobs today require computer experience.


Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost-Aug 16

13 Aug

Tutoring- Many of our public schools have a poor record of teaching and many students are failing. While there are many dedicated Christian teachers in the public schools, they are often hampered by class size and administrative demands. Teachers rarely have time to spend helping students who are struggling. While many schools offer tutoring, many of them are not adequate. Many students have learning disabilities but far more are merely poorly motivated due to their home situation and lack of encouragement at school. Volunteer tutors are needed for after-school programs to show someone cares and to share a love of learning. God created the heavens, the earth, the seas, and everything that is in them. Sterile public classrooms often teach by memorization and fail to encourage students to explore the wonders and majesty of God’s creation. Christian school students are often well ahead of public school students and many failing public school students tutored by caring Christian tutors often surpass their classmates. This is especially important with the epidemic as many schools are switching to online teaching. Unfortunately many students don’t have adequate places to study at home and don’t have computer equipment to receive and print off lessons. Churches can provide study space and assist students by printing off materials.


Tenth Sunday of Pentecost-August 2

29 Jul

Special Events in the park like Church picnics give the church an enjoyable time of fellowship but can also serve as a valuable way to reach those who don’t attend church. Large community events like fireworks displays that draw crowds also provide excellent opportunities. Games and activities for adults and kids can attract those outside the group if the church is open to inviting and including them. A table with snacks or a picnic meal also may attract kids playing nearby and church kids can be encouraged to invite kids playing nearby. Church families can also invite their neighbors to come with them and members of neighborhood Bible Clubs will get a chance to meet the larger church. Be sure to have literature on hand telling about your church. As the people get to know church members, they may be willing to join in other activities the church has.



29 Jul

Schools are seeing an increasing drop out rate, especially among boys since they have switched from teaching children to think for themselves to learning by memorization. Children respond to challenges but schools do not challenge kids much anymore. Spelling bees and other contests appeal to children’s competitiveness and spur them to learn but are fast disappearing from our schools. Boys are increasingly turning to sports as a way to satisfy their urge to compete but sports hold very little future for all but the best athletes. For the rest, it is a dead end. As a result, an increasing number of boys are dropping out of school mentally, if not physically. Many children today are being led to accept liberal ideas because they are fed a constant diet of it in school and the media, while the church is silent and doesn’t teach them the truth. Churches need to teach children to examine both sides and make intelligent decisions rather than just following the crowd. In addition, it needs to teach Christian values they may not get at home or in school.



29 Jul

As schools seek to deal with the epidemic, many are going to online and home study. Some have the kids in school two days and home the rest of the time or may have home study full time. Many went to that in the Spring and it was a disaster. Many kids have no place to study at home free of distractions. Parents may be working and they may have problems getting a babysitter. Churches can help out by providing a place for the kids to study. Schools may send lessons home by E-mail but students may not have computers at home to receive them. Churches can have the lessons sent to the church and it can print off the materials for the kids to study. Many schools are canceling buses and leaving many parents without transportation for their kids. Churches with buses can help with transportation. Even if schools go back to full time, many students have gotten behind and may need tutoring. Churches can provide after school study areas with volunteers available to help with homework.