Sixth Sunday of Pentecost-B

04 Jul

Ministry To Travelers-Many Christians like to get away and go camping on weekends to relax with the family but often don’t know the churches in nearby towns and don’t know if the churches will welcome strangers. In addition, those driving big motor homes don’t want to leave their lot to drive the motor home around town looking for a church and don’t have a second vehicle to drive. They welcome churches that provide worship services at the campground or provide transportation to nearby churches. Many people traveling stop at motels but do not know their way around town. They may look up churches in the phone book but not know the times of services or how to get to the addresses listed. Calling the numbers listed in the phone book often doesn’t help since few churches offices are staffed on weekends. Local ministerial groups can arrange with motels to leave notebooks in the rooms listing nearby churches listing times of services and maps to assist guests in finding them.


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