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Fourteenth Sunday of Pentecost-Aug 30

06 Sep

Helping Neighbors-Assist with yard work. As people get older, they often cannot do many things they used to do, such as shoveling snow, raking leaves, or mowing the lawn and it is getting very hard to get people to do the work. Professional people are often way to expensive for those on limited incomes. Teens used to do the work to earn spending money but many parents now give the kids money to buy a lot of things they used to earn money to get for themselves. In addition, many kids are so busy with sports and other school activities that they no longer have time to do such work. A neighbor mowing their own lawn or shoveling their own walk can easily mow an extra lawn or shovel an extra walk and it is a good way to teach teens the value of a dollar or the joy of helping someone in need. In addition, those out of work could use the money. While it doesn’t pay like a full time job, it provides a little money until a job can be found.


Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost-Aug 23

26 Aug

Adult Tutoring- Many students today, especially boys, drop out of school before graduating and many who graduated from high school before the implementation of “No Child Left Behind”, can not read and write because they had trouble in school and were just passed from grade to grade. Many classes today teach by memorizing words rather than learning how to figure out words on their own. As a result, many adults read very little because they have never learned to read adequately. Many such people are unable to get decent paying jobs and often can not get any steady work and can not afford classes to bring them up to an adequate level to get a good job. Often tutors can bring them up to an adequate level in just a couple years of part-time tutoring. Adult tutors are needed to teach evening classes in reading and Math, as well as basic computer skills to enable participants to deal with the demands of everyday life since many jobs today require computer experience.


Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost-Aug 16

13 Aug

Tutoring- Many of our public schools have a poor record of teaching and many students are failing. While there are many dedicated Christian teachers in the public schools, they are often hampered by class size and administrative demands. Teachers rarely have time to spend helping students who are struggling. While many schools offer tutoring, many of them are not adequate. Many students have learning disabilities but far more are merely poorly motivated due to their home situation and lack of encouragement at school. Volunteer tutors are needed for after-school programs to show someone cares and to share a love of learning. God created the heavens, the earth, the seas, and everything that is in them. Sterile public classrooms often teach by memorization and fail to encourage students to explore the wonders and majesty of God’s creation. Christian school students are often well ahead of public school students and many failing public school students tutored by caring Christian tutors often surpass their classmates. This is especially important with the epidemic as many schools are switching to online teaching. Unfortunately many students don’t have adequate places to study at home and don’t have computer equipment to receive and print off lessons. Churches can provide study space and assist students by printing off materials.


Tenth Sunday of Pentecost-August 2

29 Jul

Special Events in the park like Church picnics give the church an enjoyable time of fellowship but can also serve as a valuable way to reach those who don’t attend church. Large community events like fireworks displays that draw crowds also provide excellent opportunities. Games and activities for adults and kids can attract those outside the group if the church is open to inviting and including them. A table with snacks or a picnic meal also may attract kids playing nearby and church kids can be encouraged to invite kids playing nearby. Church families can also invite their neighbors to come with them and members of neighborhood Bible Clubs will get a chance to meet the larger church. Be sure to have literature on hand telling about your church. As the people get to know church members, they may be willing to join in other activities the church has.


Eighth Sunday of Pentecost-July 19

16 Jul

Visiting homebound-As the government has developed home care services for those elderly who can no longer take care of themselves, more of those who need a little help each morning getting bathed and dressed, but can take care of themselves after that, have been able to stay in their own homes instead of going into a nursing home. The result has saved the government a great deal as home care usually costs only 1/2 to 1/3 of nursing home care and has enabled many to stay in their homes, however it also tends to isolate them. Workers come in daily but must complete their work and move on to the next client so they can not stay and visit. Many elderly confined to their own homes do not see anyone besides the care givers and medical personnel and could use someone who is willing to come and spend time talking to them. The elderly often appreciate visits by children who are well behaved and teens because they may have grandchildren but have never seen them because they live at a great distance and the children and teens often enjoy visiting the elderly who have the time to sit and talk with them or play games with them, because their parents often don’t.


Seventh Sunday of Pentecost-July 12

07 Jul

Summer kid’s lunches-Kids from poor families can get free lunches at school and some schools even offer breakfast, however, there is no school in summer. The government has money for meal programs in the summer but needs someone to handle the program since the schools are closed. Community organizations can contract for the funds and provide the meals. Church can and often do contract to provide the meals but cannot include religious training during the meal because it uses government funds. However, there is nothing to stop the church from having the meal at noon and having a Children’s Bible Club at 1 PM and inviting the kids to stay, though they cannot be required to stay.


Sixth Sunday of Pentecost-B

01 Jul

Though many rural churches are failing, some are still succeeding. A local church proved there is still a future for rural churches. The church recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. It started from a couple families meeting in a house basement because they did not like the way the theology of their church was going. It has grown to over 250 members in only 25 yrs. by reaching out and ministering to those around them. Another local church started as a house church 20 yrs, ago now averages 200 in its main church and has a satellite church. While some mega-churches today are growing by watering down the Gospel to draw anyone they can, such churches are growing by ministering to those around them like the New Testament church did. I discuss it further in “Rebuilding The Kingdom” which I published in 2012.


Sixth Sunday of Pentecost-July 5-A

01 Jul

Rural Churches Can-A small town United Methodist Church I once served was complaining they could not compete with churches in nearby cities and felt they had no future. It was started in 1816 but its first history wasn’t written until 1911 so much of its early history was lost. I began contacting churches around the church to get their histories because many of the churches shared a circuit at one time. I counted about 16 churches started by that church back when northern Ohio was a virtual wilderness. It wasn’t the pastor, because they shared their pastor with seven to twenty other churches. Once they built a building to worship in, there was no record they established any new churches. Somewhere along the way they lost the vision. I surveyed some of the local people and found that one out of ten people in that town were of Methodist background but did not attend any church. Since I was in seminary full-time nine months of the year, I had little time to do more than preach, however I spent my summers visiting members of the church and community. Both churches experienced noticeable growth for the first time in years from my work alone. Pastors need to train their members to become fishers of men.


Second Sunday of Pentecost-June7

03 Jun

The Second Sunday of Pentecost is Trinity Sunday when Christians celebrate the Trinity, (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The Jews dealt with God the Father through the priests and prophets, and occasionally through Angels sent to deliver messages. Then Jesus came in bodily form to show us the nature of the Father in a way we could understand. Finally, at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came to guide us and give us power in restoring the Kingdom of God. The disciples were transformed when they received the Holy Spirit and received power to go out and proclaim the Gospel. The season of Pentecost occurs during the summer and today is a time when the church reaches out through special ministries to reach those who don’t know God that they may see God’s love and turn to Him. The zeal of the church in its ministry testifies to the presence of the Holy Spirit in it just as the tongues of fire testified to the presence of the Holy Spirit on the first Pentecost after Jesus rose from the dead. The church’s goal should be to be a witness to God’s love and to introduce unbelievers to the love of God in the hope that they will desire that love and turn to Christ for their salvation. The church’s main emphasis should be to reach out to those around it, conduct charity, and minister to the needs it finds. While these should be carried out all year round, Pentecost should be used to expand the church’s outreach.


Pentecost Sunday-A May 31

27 May

Many churches celebrate Pentecost, the second major celebration, on the 50th day after Passover (according to Jewish tradition) which is a Thursday but some churches start the count of 50 days with Easter and celebrate it on the seventh Sunday after Easter. The color is Red symbolizing the fire of the Spirit. When the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples, there appeared tongues of fire over them Acts 2:1-6. Pentecost was a time when the Jews celebrated the giving of the Law to Moses and predicted when God would write His law in our hearts. The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost fulfilled the prophecy as the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts and dwells in us, teaching us God’s Law, and guiding us in doing all that God would have us do, helping us carry out God’s will. Pentecost occurs during the harvest of the first fruits and is considered the birth date of the church. It was fulfilled when many who witnessed the coming of the Holy Spirit joined the church and became the first fruits of the Gospel.