Fifth Sunday of Pentecost-June 20

17 Jun

Reaching the Lost-Many churches say they want to reach those outside the church but do little to bring them in. Most churches feel that if people want to come, they will come without any prompting. Fifty years ago that was reasonable because most people had church in their background and if they drifted away after high school, they often came back when they had children so the children could have the advantage of a church upbringing but most people today have no church in their background for several generations and have no idea what church is and what it has to offer so they see no need to go. Some churches may make big displays through Madison Av-type evangelistic programs but they draw very few beyond their own membership because people today are bombarded with Madison Ave advertising and have learned to tune it out. Many churches make no attempt to engage those who come from outside the church for curiosity or entertainment and those who come often don’t feel welcome and don’t stay.


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