29 Jun

A Utah school district has banned the Bible from its elementary school and middle school libraries on the pretext that it is filled with sex. It shows how warped their thinking is. They think it is alright to show graphic pornographic videos and have kids read graphic pornographic novels, but think kids should not read the Bible because they say it is filled with sex. They think it is alright to teach elementary kids to apply condoms and engage in sex but feel the Bible has too much sex. They think it is alright to have graphic Gay and transgender programs in the schools and libraries but think it is wrong to teach them that marriage is between a man and a woman. It shows how narrow liberal thinking is. They see what they want to see and are blind to everything else around them. It is all about them and advancing themselves and they bristle at any views that conflict with their own, but have probably never read it. They are afraid to allow kids to read the Bible because it condemns their lifestyle. God established the value of life, the rule of law, the family and other values because they make life better for everyone. It is important to understand our values and why we believe them if we are to stand against those who want to tear down everything our forefathers fought for and build a new utopia, but it is a house of cards that will fall at the firstĀ  wind. When we stand on the rock of Jesus, we will not be moved by every wind of doctrine.



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