Sanctity of Life-GB-A

19 May

Canada is not expanding its program of assisted suicide while doing nothing to repair its failing healthcare system. Canada reported that 10,000 people died there by assisted suicide in 2021. It is only another stop on the slippery slope. Once you declare that life in the womb is expendable, it begins a slide that can only lead downward. When Canada created a universal health care system, a government agency took over supervision of the health care system. If the patient was critically ill or critically injured and the treatment was too expensive and the outcome was uncertain, the panel would simply deny treatment. Effectively condemning the person to suffer until they died. However, since many did not die right away, it became expensive caring for them until they died and so Canada opened the door to Euthanasia to relieve pressure on its health care system. While at first, it was at the patient’s request, the government panel was eventually allowed to order it to save the cost of treatment which would only maintain them but could not cure them. Eventually, they expanded the definition to include mental illness or stress. That would include those who lost hope of getting treated by the failing health care system or of getting housing or other necessities who would request termination. Many nations in Europe are following the same path. That is the path that the United States will follow if we do not reassert the value of life.  After over 45 years of legalized abortion, many people have lost the sense of the value of life. While a majority still oppose abortion, liberal politicians have been forcing it on us through the courts and through legislation.  Now they are pushing to allow killing unwanted children up to 28 days after birth. California has now legalized that and other States are considering it, however many abortionists have been secretly practicing it already while liberal prosecutors turn a blind eye to it. Liberal politicians have also been pushing for a universal health care system similar to Canada which would place the decision to offer or withhold treatment into the hands of a government committee.



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