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16 May

Democrats  in Oregon are pushing a law that would allow girls of any age to get abortions without notifying their parents, but Republicans are boycotting the legislative session to prevent it being voted on.. The girl would have to approve in writing before her parents would be notified. It means girls only 10 years old could get an abortion and their parents would not know it. That is a resipe for disaster. That means a rapist or sex  trafficker could get a girl pregnant and then take her for an abortion to cover it up. There are already numerous instances where rapists and sex traffickers are taking girls to get abortions and the girls are going through repeated abortions because Planned Parenthood has not notified the parents or child protective services. Sex with underage girls is illegal in all 50 States and laws require child protective services be notified when girls request  an abortion. However, Planned Parenthood and other abortionists openly ignore the law because of Roe vs Wade, however parental notification has nothing to do with whether the baby is protected by the law. Abortionists would still be guilty of failing to notify child protective services, even if they repeal the laws about notifying parents. The law protects children from sexual exploitation and the child is a person protected by the Constitution and State laws. Roe vs Wade did not change that, nor does the fact that Roe vs Wade has been overturned. They tell the girl to list her age as eighteen or over so they can avoid the requirements of the law, even though it is easy to tell that most ten year olds are not eighteen years old. That is a deliberate act to get around the law.



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