10 May

Democrats are back to their old game of pushing spending to the limit and then asking to raise the debt limit to allow them to spend more. You cannot continue spending without limits. The debt limits were passed to force the government to live within its budget. It does no good to keep raising the debt limit so you can continue spending. Democrats are willing to threaten the stability of the country to get what they want. They refuse to accept budget cuts without an increase in the debt limits. It will do no good to make budget cuts to get a raise in the debt ceiling and then return to spending once it is passed which is what they have done over the last fourteen years. President Trump made significant budget cuts without raising the ceiling, but President Biden canceled those cuts and returned to reckless spending. Unless they agree to make budget cuts and retain the current debt ceiling, nothing will change. We cannot continue spending with no end in sight. It has to stop and stop now, or we will continue to face threats of a government shutdown if we don’t keep raising the debt limit.



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