Seventh Sunday of Kingdomtide-Oct 16

13 Oct

Marriage God created man and woman to pair off. One reason is to enable the couple to teach children what they need to learn. While some today say that two men or two women can raise children just as well, it is very difficult for a man to teach a girl to be a woman or a woman to teach a boy to be a man. It is also difficult for two men or two women to teach kids how men and women should treat each other. Kids learn by watching and doing, not just by verbal instruction. Sometimes a close friend or relative can fill in for the missing spouse but it is very difficult. Marriage results in a long-term consistent training that is not possible with a series of short term boyfriends or roommates. Another reason is to protect the wife and children.  If there is no legal marriage, either one can walk off whenever the going gets rough. With a legal marriage, they have to get a divorce before they can find someone else or be guilty of adultery. In addition, it provides a legal means to divide the couple’s assets and to ensure that the wife and children are provided for.

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