11 Sep

Gays however,  realize the importance of marriage and are fighting hard in just about every State to legalize marriage among Gays. Gays are intent on getting the right to marry because that will show that society recognizes the union of two men or two women and therefore it is a legitimate lifestyle. Marriage also has benefits. When society recognizes two people as married, it bestows on them certain benefits. It protects the woman’s rights to Social Security and the right to the couple’s possessions to the survivor in the event one of them dies. Without a legal marriage, the woman has no right to any possessions they hold in common unless he wills them to her which requires probate of his estate and can be very expensive. It also protects her rights if he decides to leave her by granting her child support to help her care for any minor children she has. Unmarried people have no such protection. Gays want those benefits.


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