11 Sep

Liberals in Congress are trying to push through a bill called “Respect for Marriage Act” that will open marriage to just about anyone who wants it. Contrary to the title, it shows no respect for marriage.  Heterosexual people are losing interest in marriage. Almost 50% of families are now headed by single parents. Recent statistics show that the number of divorces is decreasing but it is due more to the fact that fewer people are getting married, than because more marriages are remaining intact. The number of women with children who have never married is also continuing to increase. The growing number of children coming from single parent homes see no need to marry and are more likely not to marry, or if they do marry, they are not prepared to deal with the normal give and take of marriage because they have never seen it worked out and often end up divorced. As a result, the number of single parent families is continuing to increase with no end in sight. Unless God’s people help the world understand the importance of marriage, our society will collapse.


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