Violence and Social strife-2-U

10 Aug

Businesses in Portland, Oregon continue to close or move out of the city due to the ongoing violence in the city since George Floyd was killed. Liberal politicians continue to sit on their hands and refuse to curb the violence. As long as criminals are allowed to walk freely without being held accountable, they will continue to see violence and the people and businesses will continue to move out of the city. Laws are established to keep order and prevent crime. It depends on catching and prosecuting criminals. Criminals will think twice before committing crimes if they know they will be caught and prosecuted. When no attempt is made to catch them or if they are not prosecuted once they are caught, they will be free to commit more crimes and will do so since they don’t have to worry about being punished for their crimes. In addition, children have to be taught to obey authority for if they do not learn it as children, it will be harder for them to learn when they are older. The liberal thought today that you should not punish a child when they disobey leads them to continue to disobey laws and those in authority when they are older. If they are allowed to get away with committing crimes and violence against others when they are young, they will continue it once they are grown. While liberals continue to blame guns for the violence, it isn’t the guns that are throwing bricks and stones, and they aren’t the ones breaking into stores and stealing the inventory. While they cry about all the violence, they have no one to blame but themselves. They are like spoiled children, they do what they want and then cry and lash out at others when they can’t get their way. When confronted, they refuse to accept responsibility and blame other people for their actions. It is time to hold them accountable for their actions.  For more on law and order and violence see my course on the Value of the Rule of Law on Udemy at

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