11 Jan

It is interesting to hear the rhetoric which is coming from liberals in Congress and in the media. They say we must return this country to a democracy and the way they intend to do that is through forcing the American people to accept their will and censoring anyone who disagrees with them. They feel the American people should pay for abortions, they must allow men (claiming to be women) into women’s bathrooms, showers, and sleeping rooms, and they must wear masks if not vaccinated, even if they have immunity from having Covid, to name a few, even though a majority of Americans oppose them. They don’t care what the people want, they feel they know better what is best for the country. President Obama felt that if Congress wouldn’t pass the laws he wanted, he could make the laws through executive order, even though making laws is granted to Congress and not to the President. It is also interesting that they felt it was alright for President Obama to make laws through executive order, but President Trump was not allowed to repeal the laws illegally made by President Obama’s executive orders through executive orders. They also feel that it is alright for President Biden to restore President Obama’s illegal laws through executive orders. They have an interesting concept of democracy. It is also interesting to note that they feel the greatest threat to that “democracy” is parents who complain to their school boards about what their kids are being taught and about their daughters having to share bathrooms and showers with men (who claim they are women). It sounds like the American people are getting a “snow” job from wolves in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately, many people in America are listening to the rhetoric and not paying attention to what laws that liberals are passing in Congress and in the Oval Office.


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