Freedom of Religion-B-Q

08 Apr

The Postal Service has started requiring workers to work on Sunday and denied a worker’s request to have Sunday off to attend church. A federal court has ruled that federal worker have no right to attend church. President Biden is seeking the Supreme Court to restrict the right of workers to attend church. It is a continuation of attempts by the administration and liberal radicals to shut down churches. If federal agencies can deny workers the right, it could easily be extended to private employers. Liberal politicians tried to shut down churches during the pandemic on the excuse they were not essential services and tried to keep them shut even after other group meetings were allowed. They know that committed Christians will not bow to their liberal agenda and recognize the power of a church committed to serving God in derailing their plans  to abolish the Christian faith. It is bad enough that many school sporting events have begun meeting on Sunday and do not allow students to be on the team unless they agree to attend Sunday morning practices and meets. Unfortunately, many churches are urging members to deny their faith and submit to the liberal agenda. When the liberal agenda contradicts the will of God, the Christian must choose between serving God and serving man. We cannot serve both.


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