11 Mar

President Biden directed the Dept of Education to drop the regulation initiated by former President Trump to withhold federal funding from colleges and universities that violate student’s right to freedom of speech. He claims it isn’t needed. However, suppression of free speech that goes against liberal policies is open and widespread on college and university campuses and the schools do little to curb it. Schools should be institutions of learning, not institutions of indoctrination. President Biden is in effect declaring open season on the freedom of speech of anyone who disagrees with him. It shows how far he will go to promote the liberal agenda and suppress conservatives, particularly Christians. Persecution of those who express conservative views is increasing, on school campuses and on the street, as well as in the media and social media. Liberals know that if you tell a lie often enough and long enough, and suppress the expression of any contrary view, then people will believe it is true. Their goal is to create mindless followers who obey without questioning, like they have in Russia and China. Therefore, it is important to share the truth at every opportunity in person and on social media when able. So far, social media does not have the resources to check the millions of individual posts and are forced to concentrate on the big sources of conservative views, hoping to prevent the truth from getting out to others who will repost it, but they have issued a call for volunteers to monitor conservatives and report anyone who expresses views that go against their narrative. I post information I receive and repost information from trustworthy sources to keep my followers informed. The more the information is picked up and reposted, the more people will have the freedom to choose what to believe. We cannot rely on fact checkers because many are employed by liberal news outlets. I recently made a remark about a law passed by California’s legislature. A woman at the meeting told me she checked it with a fact checker, and it said the information was false, even though the information was readily available in the California legislative record. Unfortunately, very few people go to the legislative record to check the facts. Many people rely on fact checkers.



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