08 Mar

The schools have become increasingly secretive about what is being taught because they don’t want parents to know what is being taught. Our schools were founded on the principle that parents would oversee the schools but liberal politicians have been increasingly adding federal funding to help the schools, but are using it to blackmail schools into teaching what they want them to teach and hiding it from parents.  The Covid crisis forced schools to go online and opened the door to parents to see what is being taught in the schools. Many parents have been shocked to learn what the schools have been hiding from them. When parents objected, liberal politicians pushed the FBI to begin investigating parents who objected to what is being taught. Parents who only want what is best for their kids are being threatened and intimidated to silence opposition to the liberal agenda. Conservative politicians have introduced a bill in the House that would spell out and safeguard parents rights. It would guarantee parent’s right to know what is being taught in the school and to be heard when they voice opposition to it. It would also protect the child’s privacy and require schools to inform parents of violent activity in the school. Finally, it would protect parent’s right to view school budgets. In 2021, the FBI created a task force to investigate threats against school board members. Under Congressional investigation by conservative representatives, the FBI stated that they would not use it to infringe on parent’s rights to voice their opinions, yet they have opened a number of investigations on parents who have voiced opposition to their school’s liberal agenda, under the pretense that they pose a threat to school board members, in order to intimidate the parents so they will remain silent.


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