08 Dec

The stories that come out of the liberal media are interesting. They immediately proclaim solutions before the facts are even known. If it is a shooting, they jump on gun control and tougher purchase requirements. When it comes out the gun was stolen, they go silent. If a Black man is attacked, its racist. When it comes out it was a Black that attacked him, They go silent. If a Gay bar is attacked, its anti-gay. When it turns out it was someone who was Gay, they go silent. No retraction, no correction, no apology.  They leave their listeners thinking their original statement was correct to further their agenda. They have lost a lot of listeners who got wise to their tactics, but a lot of people still listen to them and don’t check the facts. There are no national alternatives except Fox news and sometimes the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) which reports on some American stories. While liberal politicians and financiers like George Soros control the major news networks and social media, many local stations, not affiliated with the national broadcasting companies wait until the facts are out before commenting on stories and Christian stations are usually good about getting the facts first. With social media blocking many large conservative organizations, it is important for people to search out the facts from conservative organizations or reliable public media and pass them on to their friends. Social media doesn’t have the capacity to monitor all posts yet, so they are concentrating on the big organizations for now. However, they have issued a call for an army of volunteers to monitor the web and report conservative postings that expose liberal lies. If they succeed, we will be no different than China or Russia who strictly control all media. Recently, someone shot up two electric substations and shut down electricity over a wide area. The media immediately stated it was White supremacists, even though nobody knows who did it or why. It could have been Muslim terrorists, Chinese or Russian operatives, or even an unhappy electric company employee who got fired and wanted to get back at the company.

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