11 Oct

The media is claiming a double standard of liability about what is posted on their site. When faced with a defamation suit for allowing repeated defamatory posts against a conservative Congressman, they claim they should be exempt from liability for what is posted since they cannot closely monitor what is posted. Yet there is clear evidence that they have selectively blocked campaign posts by conservative candidates costing them billions of dollars in campaign funds and an unknown number of votes, while allowing a free flow of posts by liberal candidates. Obviously they can control what is posted and choose to be selective in what they allow depending on who the posts favor politically. If they choose to closely monitor and censor what is posted, then they should be held responsible for irresponsible posts. They can’t have it both ways. Coordinated censorship between public media and social media pose a grave threat to democracy. An electorate cannot make a good  choice between candidates without accurate information about the candidates. They cannot vote intelligently if they only get information from one side and that is greatly distorted. Polls showed a dramatic shift in voter preference away from Donald Trump after accusations that he was working the Russians. The accusations were later proved to be false, but not until after the election when the damage was already done. While it was not enough to prevent his election, it could easily have done so. At that time, they controlled the public media but not the social media. Since then, they have gained control of the social media and numerous conservative candidates have lost elections after liberal candidates have made unfounded accusations just before the election. The media has picked up and broadcast the accusations while blocking attempts of the candidates to defend themselves. Polls show a dramatic shift in voter preference immediately after the accusations indicating that the accusations were instrumental in changing the outcomes of many of the elections. Clearly, the voters voted based on false information but the candidates who made the accusations and the media who supported them, have never been held accountable. Any accusations should be tried in a court of law, not in the media with no chance for the accused to defend themselves. Those who deliberately make false accusations in order to corrupt the election process should be prosecuted.

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