Sanctity of Life-H-A

29 Jul

Many people are crying about what they can do so they don’t have children now that they can’t have abortions in many States. They are trying to come up with all kinds of solutions like go to States where they can get an abortion, or get the medicine to do it secretly by mail. However, a growing number of women are going back to solutions that have worked for centuries. They are refraining from sex which is 100 % effective. If they are married and want a temporary solution, they can use a contraceptive that prevents release of an egg, as opposed to those that kill the embryo once the egg is fertilized.  It is subject to some failure which may cause a change of plans, but since they are married, it will not be tragic. If they aren’t married, they shouldn’t be having sex in the first place.  If they want a permanent solution, due to a medical condition or an aversion to kids, they can always get sterilization. It’s easier and safer for the man, but either one will do.  Innocent children should not have to die so people can have their fun and not have to worry about the consequences.  You will see rates of incest and rape drop as people finally begin to realize they may have to pay for their sins.  Women will refuse to have sex for fear of pregnancy like they once did and men will refrain from sex for fear of having to pay the consequences in jail, in the breakup of their marriage, and/or the payment of child support for 18 years. It will also help to enforce laws that require men who father children out of wedlock to support those children until they are 18. Things will not return to levels before 1973 because too many people have become addicted to having sex without worrying about the consequences. While liberals will claim that it is the fault of those who abolished abortion, it is really the fault of those who engineered Roe vs Wade and promised people that they could enjoy sex without having to worry about the consequences. If all else fails, there is still the possibility of adoption. There are far more couples wanting kids than there are kids available since abortion has caused many women to be unable to conceive or if they conceive, they are unable to carry the babies to full term. For more information on the value of life, see the course “Christian Values-Life” in my Christian Life courses on Udemy at URL-

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