Seventh Sunday of Pentecost-A-July 17

13 Jul

College Students-Students, brought up in the church, are often away from home for the first time when they leave for college. The decisions they make will affect the rest of their life. They are bombarded with secular teaching causing them to question what they believe and often do not get any support for their Christian beliefs. Without support from their parents, many drift away from church and their Christian beliefs. It is important for them to connect with a church near campus and a Christian organization on campus to support them in finding adequate answers to support their faith. Parents can research what organizations have branches on campus and what churches are nearby. In addition, parents can notify a church near campus and Christian organizations on campus that their child is on campus so they can attempt to contact their child. You can support Christian organizations on campus and churches that are near a college campus can provide Christian activities for students. Liberals are trying to prevent Christian organizations on many college campuses from using campus facilities and such organizations may soon have to turn to churches near campus for facilities to meet.



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