Gay Rights-II-E

05 May

President Biden is continuing pressure to get Title IX rewritten to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender identity instead of the basis of biological sex. Liberals are insistent on the right of children to use the school bathroom, locker room, shower, and sleeping facility of their choice based on the gender they feel they are rather than their gender based on their physical structure. However, to allow that has implications far beyond the Gay community. Separate school bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms were set aside to protect girls from voyeurs and sexual predators. When rules are enforced, the mere presence of a boy hanging around outside a girls facility would alert bystanders to a threat before he is able to attack anyone. However, if boys are allowed to use the facility of their choice, there would not be anything suspicious about a man entering a girls facility and predators could enter a girls facility without raising suspicion and attack vulnerable girls. Once the decision is made to allow children to use the facility of their choice, it is only logical for them to press to extend that to public facilities outside schools. The issue has already come up in numerous States and been defeated by pressure from concerned parents and other citizens. Gay Rights groups will continue to try to threaten schools with legal action to allow kids to use the facility of their choice and parents must be constantly vigilant to prevent it. We need to continue to insist on strict separation of all public restroom facilities.




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