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12 May


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17 Sep

Many schools are desperately in need of school bus drivers. Some need them so bad they are calling out the National Guard to transport kids. The school will often provide the training to enable you to get certified to drive. The  job is only nine months with summers free and is good for someone who is retired and doesn’t require a full-time job. It could also be a good entry into full-time bus driving in city transit companies or for tour buses. Another opportunity that is out there is companies that transport rail crews to and from their trains or to other railyards. Some work in the railyard itself and don’t go out of town, while others may switch between the two. If you like to travel, over the road trips may be as much as 200-300 miles each way and go to a wide variety of destinations. I drove for a company for a while when I was between jobs and the crews usually slept on the way out and I came back empty so they were usually no bother. I drove minivans or twelve passenger vans so I didn’t need a trucker’s license and they were easy to drive. That was a while ago and the rules may be somewhat different today but you can check with the company. Contact the trainmaster at the nearest railyard and they can tell you who to contact.



28 Aug

The YMCA of Greater Toledo (Ohio) reported they need 20-25 new teachers and aides for their 18 child-care centers in the Toledo area. With many parents going back to work and many child-care centers shut down, the need is critical for those child-care centers all across the country that are open. It is a good opportunity for those who like to work with kids. You could start out as an aide and get the training needed to become a teacher. I am getting frequent requests from companies and agencies that desperately need help. Many places are providing the training or paying workers to get the training needed for entry level positions and to help workers move up to higher level positions.



26 Aug

Now is also a good time to get full-time work, even if you don’t have much training or experience. Many places are taking people as long as they are still breathing. Restaurants and fast-food places need large numbers of workers. Many have cut hours, or their workers are working long hours due to a worker shortage. Several waitresses I have talked to lately have stated they are working 12 hour shifts due to the shortage. Many places are paying $11.00-$15.00 an hour and providing large bonuses for workers to attract workers since many people make more on unemployment and don’t want to return to work. Just about any job that used to be low-paying is having to raise their pay scales. By getting a job now, you can lock in a job before people begin flowing back to work and you can get job experience that will make getting other jobs easier in the future. Many employers, desperate for workers, will also provide training.



26 Aug

Now is a good time for people looking for seasonal work. Schools are required to have paraprofessionals to work with students that are having problems with learning, due to physical or mental limitations. A community near here which is a small rural city has about 40 paraprofessionals and says they need about 40 more. Larger cities need them even more with the larger number of kids needing help. It doesn’t require teaching or a teaching certificate. You work in the classroom under the teacher’s supervision. The nearby community requires just a high school diploma, and they provide the training you need. Requirements vary from school district to school district but are probably similar. Your local school district can tell you more about their local situation.



12 Aug

Joe Biden is pushing for a $15.oo minimum wage from the current $8.50. Just about every State that has passed such a law has canceled it within a few months. It destroyed many small businesses before they were repealed. Wages don’t appear by magic. An employer has to recover the cost of increased wages by increasing the price of his goods or services or laying off workers. A sudden rise in wages will generally force him to do both. Every State enacting such a law saw massive loss of jobs and massive increases in the cost of goods and services. Any increase has to be gradual but even those are generally non-productive. The rise in prices generally wipes out any gains in wages and hurts the businesses who see fewer people able to afford their goods. When I worked for the welfare department (now Job & Family Services), the price of gasoline went from $.50 a gallon to $1.00 a gallon overnight because the Arabs cut back our supply of oil. My caseload went from 150 to 250 clients within a few months because of the businesses that laid off workers or folded up. That only affected transportation and heating. A massive rise in minimum wage would create massive layoffs across all industries.



12 Aug

A federal judge has just ruled that States that have rejected federal Covid subsidies have to accept them and distribute them. That is one of the craziest things I ever heard. Many businesses are desperate to hire people, but people won’t go back to work because they are making more on unemployment than they did when they were working. Many businesses are closing or reducing their hours because they cannot hire enough staff. Customers are facing long waits to get served because businesses can’t get enough workers. A number of Republican governors have started refusing the federal subsidies so people will want to return to work and have seen a rush of people returning to work and their economies are returning to normal. Now a judge says they have to accept the subsidies and watch their economies shut down again. It looks like liberal judges and politicians are deliberately trying to destroy this country’s economy. When will people realize that all this free money they are getting is coming out of their pocket in higher taxes. It is estimated that people get back one dollar of every four dollars they pay in taxes due to overhead costs.



12 May

Several States have finally realized that they will not be able to get people to return to work with the government paying them more to stay unemployed. Many businesses are having a hard time getting workers because nobody wants to work. Some people are making twice as much on unemployment as they would if they were working.  As a result, some States have turned down federal supplement funds to encourage people to return to work. While it was important in the beginning to help those out of work, the initial crisis has passed, and people need to get back to work. The government cannot continue to support the population without more people working. Someone has to work to support those who can’t work.