Gay Rights-I-E

09 Dec

The Supreme Court ruled that Gays have a right to marry and so abolished bans against it in the States where it wasn’t legal.  Regulating marriage is not granted to the federal government by the Constitution and is therefore delegated to the States by the Constitution. The Supreme Court decision therefore ignores the Constitution. In addition, the House just passed the “Respect for Marriage Act which makes same sex marriages legal in all States. It now goes to the White House where President Biden says he will sign it. It also strips the States of the right to vote whether they want to accept same sex marriages or not. Since regulating marriage is not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, it is delegated to the States. Therefore, the law openly violates the Constitution. It also poses a grave threat to religious liberty because it mandates compliance by everyone acting under the color of the law, which includes anyone who receives federal funds, as well as anyone working for a city, county, State or federal government entity. It also allows private individuals, the Dept of Justice, and State attorney generals to bring civil suits against alleged violators, which opens those who object to frivolous lawsuits. It is a huge step in destroying the family and silencing opposition. Amendments proposed by Republicans to protect those whose faith opposes same sex marriage were defeated. Since Conservatives did not get a majority in both the House and Senate in this election and do not control the White House, there is no chance of repealing it anytime soon.


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