16 Nov

Liberals are determined to use the lame duck session to pass every disreputable law that they can. They passed the “Respect For Marriage Act” in the House and it is to come up in the Senate tomorrow (11/16/2022).  Voters supposedly voted many of these representatives back into office for the next session. That is hard to imagine since liberals have been very open about their intent to pass this law. The law would equate belief in traditional marriage with racism and subject parents and those who believe in traditional marriage to prosecution in order to intimidate them into silence. It would further subject adoption agencies, women’s shelters, and other non-profits to lawsuits if they don’t bow to the LGBT agenda, even if compliance with the law would threaten the safety of those they serve. It would also open those agencies up to private lawsuits designed to harass them. These lawsuits would drain the agency’s funds needed to carry out their work and deprive the people they serve of much needed services. It would also require the federal government to recognize any same-sex marriage that was legal where it was entered into. That would overturn the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 which bars the federal government from recognizing same sex marriages and would overrule the State’s right to set their marriage requirements. It would impose federal control of marriage. That would violate the Constitution which does not give the federal government that authority and states that any authority not granted to the federal government by the Constitution falls under State control.  


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