Gay Rights

13 Sep

Liberals are continuing to push their agenda in spite of overwhelming opposition to it. They are burying a provision to legalize same sex marriage in a spending bill to sneak it in without anyone noticing it. Spending bills are large bills and it is easy to hide things in it you don’t want people to notice and when the spending is needed, conservatives are afraid to vote against them because they have popular support. Contact your Congressman and ask them to support an amendment to remove it from the bill. It has no place in a spending bill. Since insurance companies, Social Security, and others allow special privileges for spouses. Revising the marriage code to include gays would add a lot of people in those privileges. Social Security is already stretched to the max and adding large numbers of “spouses” who could then receive Social Security benefits, even though many of them would not be paying into the system, would further drain the fund. The same thing would occur with insurance companies who would have to include large numbers of recipients who are high risk because of homosexual behavior. In addition, homosexual relationships are far more unstable than heterosexual ones. Most heterosexual individuals have one or two partners at most in their lifetime but homosexual individuals often have numerous partners over their lifetime. All of those partners could potentially be eligible for Social Security or insurance survivors benefits, drawing on payments made by one individual.



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