04 Aug

While many promote solar panels as the energy source of the future, there is strong resistance by rural people to having solar fields in their backyards. Opponents say it takes away farmland and is an eyesore that lowers property values, however they are non-polluting and create no noise. They oppose wind turbines because they are an eyesore and kill birds that get too close. There are other solutions but very few are taking advantage of them. There is roofing that produces solar energy and could practically eliminate power outages due to downed power lines,  as well as eliminate electric bills. There are also individual wind turbines which I would think every farm would jump at. They used to have windmills which pumped water and later were converted to generate electricity before power lines reached the rural areas. Anything you generate over what you need, you actually get paid for. While they are cleaner than power plants, they do have drawbacks. Texas found out the hard way when they got a big snow and big freeze. The wind turbines froze up and the solar panels got covered with snow causing a major and prolonged blackout. The goal of going totally natural electric is a pipe dream we may never be able to realize. We need conventional power plants as backup to handle when  turbines and solar panels can’t but it will help our energy crisis. It is interesting to hear the big push for electric cars while pushing to close power plants. We have had several major power outages because our electric grid is barely producing adequate electricity and any problem pushes it over the edge. Where are we going to get the energy to charge all those electric cars?



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