Ninth Sunday of Pentecost-July 31

27 Jul

Jails-Sunday Services, Bible Studies, and counseling are greatly needed in jails and prisons. Many in jails are short term and more minor offences while prisons are more long term and more serious offences. While ministering in jails and prisons is a very difficult ministry, it is very rewarding to see inmates turn to Christ. Many who have broken the law feel guilty and want to find forgiveness. They need to know that there is forgiveness and redemption through the shed blood of Christ. Others realize that what they did was wrong and want to mend their ways. They feel that they can’t change so why try. They need to know that we can become a new creature in Christ and there are people willing to help them. Often those let out of jail face problems they don’t know how to solve. Getting back home, reestablishing a residence, getting a job, etc. Many are afraid to face the unknown ahead and encouraged that someone who understands the process is willing to walk with them through the process. Families are inmates also struggle and need encouragement.


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