Freedom of Religion-A-E

22 Jun

President Biden is threatening to withhold funds from Christian schools unless they allow Gay and transgender teaching in their classes. Those funds are paid for by taxes paid by all taxpayers, Christians as well as non-Christians, and are used for meals, transportation, and other non-instruction services provided to students that attend both private schools and public schools. Since the Supreme Court just ruled that the government can’t withhold funds from schools solely because they are Christian, the administration is seeking other excuses to withhold funds in open defiance of the laws of this country.  Conservatives, especially Christians, believe that the rule of law protects everyone equally. As a result, they are under attack from many fronts today. Liberals from all areas including abortion providers, Gay privilege advocates, socialist government workers, and many others see individual rights as a threat which prevents them from imposing their beliefs on you. Liberal judges and politicians know that Christians won’t accept their beliefs voluntarily, so they try to use the government to force their beliefs on us with no regard for the Constitution or the laws of this land. Christians are being persecuted throughout the United States for practicing their beliefs and even exercising their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Liberals have done all they can to remove the Ten Commandments from the public square, asserting that their wealth and political power give them the right to determine the law of the land. President Trump worked hard to restore the Constitutional rights of citizens and the rule of law to our country. He was limited by the limits placed on the power granted the President, however he was also hindered by the barrage of threats and lies which liberals use to intimidate those who try to expose them.


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