22 Jun

The administration continues to hammer away on the January 6 riot which is nothing more than attempt to demonize conservatives and threaten them in order to stop them from expressing their views. They are draining a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy in order to gain an advantage in the November elections, while ignoring the real needs of this country.  They hope to divert everyone’s attention away from what is really happening. They are not addressing the failure of the economy or runaway inflation. They are not addressing the dangerous threat to our oil supply. They are not addressing continuous attacks against police, churches, and pro-life pregnancy centers. Most of all, they are not seeking to protect the lives of children in our schools. On the other hand, they are quietly sneaking in legislation promoting abortion, infanticide, and assisted suicide that threaten human lives in the womb and in society. They are pushing Gay privileges that threaten women in sports and jeopardizes their safety in public restrooms and locker rooms. Those privileges also threaten the rights of women, Blacks, and Asians in the job market. They are pushing gun control to disarm innocent citizens, defunding the police to hinder law enforcement, and pushing for less punishment of criminals to allow criminals freedom to burn, loot, and threaten innocent people without fear of punishment. They are striping away the protections from our Southern borders to allow criminals, drug dealers, human traffic agents, and terrorists to slip into the country along with the huge influx of illegal immigrants, allowing them to flood our country with crime, drugs, guns, undocumented workers, and people infected with Covid. They are also doing everything they can to strip away all protections in our voting system to allow unlimited fraud while claiming conservatives are trying to steal the elections by trying to limit voting to only legal voters. They were elected by the American people, and I hope that American voters are able to see through the smoke screen and realize what is really going on when they vote in November.

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