Gay Rights-V-C

18 Jun

President Biden is continuing his attempts to make laws through executive order with no concern for the will of those who elected him. He thinks he is the king and can dictate whatever he wants. His recent order directed the Dept. of Health and Human Services to expand children’s access to gender transforming hormones and surgery while blocking attempts of parents and others to counsel them. Children are told their problems stem from being in the wrong body and that they can be solved by transitioning to the opposite sex. To assume all problems of childhood stem from being in the wrong body is insane. Children go through four stages of development. Two involve getting to know members of the opposite sex and how to deal with them. They are normal development and not signs that the person is really of the opposite sex and in the wrong body. The other two involve exploring who they are and seeking to develop their abilities through interaction with others of their own sex, which does not mean they should be the opposite sex and are in the wrong body. Children normally experience problems in growing up and should not be railroaded into mutilating their body because they are experiencing problems which children normally experience. The executive order also blocks parents and others from trying to help children deal with those problems and work out solutions. Parents are responsible for their children’s care and should be allowed to help them deal with problems they experience. Children are incapable of understanding the risks and consequences of gender altering hormones and surgeries and should not be allowed to make those decisions on their own. The order is so insane that radical feminists are joining conservatives in opposing it.



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