10 Jun

Liberals say that conservatives pose a grave threat to democracy. People peacefully standing and praying in front of an abortion center do not pose a threat to democracy, they are exercising their rights in a democracy. Politicians who try to impose their will on others against their will are the real threat to democracy. We are seeing their playbook openly in the Supreme Court case on the sanctity of life. Liberals leaked the draft of the decision on the case and then used it to unleash a firestorm of personal attacks on the justices that support overturning Roe vs Wade to discredit them and undermine the integrity of the court. Then they unleashed a mob against those justices who support overturning Roe vs Wade to threaten them into changing their vote. They are also threatening to pack the court by adding three more justices that support the liberal viewpoint so they can use the court to overturn legislation they don’t like. Lastly, they are trying to push through legislation that would make Roe vs Wade permanent, even if the court overturns Roe vs Wade. They could care less about the Constitution or the will of the people, their only goal is to get what they want any way they can. That is what really poses a serious threat to democracy in America.



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