Pentecost Sunday-June 5

30 May

Many churches celebrate Pentecost, the second major celebration, on the 50th day after Passover (according to Jewish tradition) which is a Thursday, but some churches start the count of 50 days with Easter and celebrate it on the seventh Sunday after Easter. The color is Red, symbolizing the fire of the Spirit. When the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples, there appeared tongues of fire over them Acts 2:1-6. Pentecost was a time when the Jews celebrated the giving of the Law to Moses and predicted when God would write His law in our hearts. The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost fulfilled the prophecy as the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts and dwells in us, teaching us God’s Law, and guiding us in doing all that God would have us do, helping us carry out God’s will. Pentecost occurs during the harvest of the first fruits and is considered the birth date of the church. It was fulfilled when many who witnessed the coming of the Holy Spirit joined the church and became the first fruits of the Gospel.


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