Sanctity of Life-A-4-T

08 May

While the focus is on abortion, the debate is really on whether or not you value life. They say that conservatives are the cause of all the violence today. They refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. People who love life may hate to see children killed but they will not kill someone because of it. Someone who doesn’t love life but sees abortion as a threat that has resulted in the death of their unborn child or might result in the death of their unborn child will consider killing someone to stop it. However, once you say it is alright to kill an unborn child because it is a hindrance or a burden to you, it opens the door to each person defining who it is that hinders them or is a burden to them. We are seeing this play out all over the world. Those who promote abortion have now expanded their definition to include children after birth. Several States have passed laws allowing killing a baby up to 28 days after birth. Some European countries are extending the definition to children up to six years old and others up to twelve years old. Some are pushing for killing those who are critically sick, severely injured, elderly, and even merely depressed. However, it also has a broad effect outside official circles. Once you say that people can end the life of someone who hinders them or is a burden, you open to average people who are cut off on the highway, gang members who see rival gangs as a threat, couples who are at odds with their spouse, or even parents who are frustrated by the actions of their children. The increase in violence in the streets, mass killings, suicides, and a lot more violence today, like spouse and child abuse, stem from the loss of the value for life that has developed as a result of Roe vs Wade.


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