Living Our Faith-A-A

06 May

Liberals today say it makes no difference what you believe, it won’t affect how you live your life. They don’t want you to examine what you believe because you might discover that the things that they want you to do violate what you believe. In college, I studied Sociology and we studied human behavior.  It was evident that the values people held guided the decisions they made.  Jesus came to show us a better way to live and said, “You must be born again”. He meant that we had to die to self and be born in Him. The ways of God are different from those who do not know Him and are so much better than our ways because He knows us and what is best for us.  The American church was so affective in teaching God’s values in the early 20th Century, that the average American accepted Christian values even though they had no contact with a church, because those values were taught in the schools and in the media, and were the guiding principles in our courts of law. The church became lax in teaching what God values and human values crept into our schools and media, and have infiltrated our courts of law. Often today, those are the only values most people hear. As a result, human values have taken over our society and many church members now hold human values. Christians need to learn what God values and seek to live them out in their daily lives. As a result, I have written a series on Christian values and how they differ from human values. Available manuscripts are listed on our website at and are available upon request



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