04 May

All the major radio and TV networks, as well as many newspapers, get their news from a single source. That source is the Associated Press and it is very liberal. In addition, the networks themselves are supported by liberal individuals and businesses that dictate a liberal bias. As a result, we have been seeing a tremendous one-sided attack on conservatives by the media. Fox News has tried to remain fairly balanced and is one of the few sources of balanced news available. Christian radio and TV stations (many listener supported) and magazines are continuing to keep Conservatives abreast of the latest news but unfortunately, many conservatives don’t listen to Christian programs or read Christian magazines. Many conservatives and even Christians continue to get the bulk of their news from liberal news sources and hold liberal views on many social issues. Liberals found social media to be a great way to get their message out and have been dominating the social media. Conservatives have been slow to recognize its value, however an increasing number of conservative organizations have begun using it to reach conservatives that don’t access conservative radio, TV, and magazines.


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