19 Jan

Liberal politicians continue to hammer at the Jan. 6 riot and continue to round up people present whether they participated or not. Yet several questions remain unanswered. While they continue to claim President Trump was inciting his followers to riot, videos show him trying to get the protesters to go home peacefully. Yet, Ray Epps is shown in videos clearly inciting protesters to riot and encouraging them to break into the Capital building, and while he was arrested, he was soon released and has never been charged with any crimes. Also, what were agitators from Antifa (a left wing terrorist organization) who were identified by reporters from the Washington Post, doing at the rally dressed as Trump supporters? Were they planted to incite a riot to embarrass President Trump and justify the charges against him? Also, why was Ashli Babbitt shot. She was the only one actually killed in the riot. Two others reported to die in the riot, actually died of natural causes, one from a heart attack, and the other from a stroke the day after the riot. Ashli is clearly shown in videos trying to stop rioters from breaking into the Capitol and was killed by a police officer when she stepped between him and the rioters. Liberal politicians pushing the investigation seem to be making no attempt to answer those questions.


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