The environment

13 Jan

Liberals cry about oil drilling in the United States and want to shut down our oil production. That forces us to buy it from the Mid-East as if that will cause less pollution. In fact, it will make the United States dependent on the Mid-east for oil. Liberals are also taxing and increasing restrictions on manufacturing and technology in the United States so we are forced to buy more from China, as if that will cause less pollution. In fact, China’s manufacturing is highly polluting and contains none of the environmental safeguards required in America. China and India alone produce over half of all man-made pollution in the world. America, in spite of its size and industrial manufacturing, only produces about 8%. It is obvious that liberals don’t care about the environment. Apparently, they want to cripple America’s manufacturing capability so they can take control of it. Their goal is to make us more dependent on China and the Mid-east. Once we become dependent on China for manufactured goods and on the Mid-east for oil, all they have to do is shut off the flow of oil and manufactured goods to America to bring the American economy to a standstill. We got a small taste of the effects of being dependent on the Mid-east during 1974 when they cut off our oil supply and gas doubled in price overnight. Businesses collapsed all around and unemployment skyrocketed. President Trump proved that we are capable of being independent in oil production by reducing government restrictions. We have also seen the effects of being dependent on China during this pandemic as goods have been delayed, creating shortages of vital goods.



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