Gay Rights-IV-S

11 Jan

An increasing number of men are entering women’s sports, claiming to be women, and shutting out biological women because they are stronger and faster. Coaches are afraid to complain because they could lose their jobs. Parents are becoming increasingly upset going to meets and watching aspiring women athletes get forced out of competition by men claiming to be transgender women. Schools are pressured by the government that threatens to cut off their funding, athletic associations that threaten to bar them from competition, and Gay rights organizations that threaten to sue them. It is time to put pressure on schools to counter it. While a lot of funding comes from the government, schools are also dependent on local levies. If voters refuse to renew levies or in extreme cases are forced to rescend levies, schools will have to give in. Parents can also boycott meets. Schools can’t stage athletic events if the stands are empty because they depend on the revenue to support their athletic programs. Schools can refuse to compete in athletic associations that allow transgenders or compete with schools that allow transgenders to play. They can get with other schools that don’t allow transgenders to stage their own competitions. It will be difficult at first with only a couple schools, but it will get easier as more schools take a stand.



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