11 Jan

HB-1 would also invalidate laws preventing States from mailing out ballots to registered voters regardless of whether they asked for them or not. It would allow States to mail out ballots to all registered voters, like California and other liberal States did, and someone can easily collect the ballots that can’t be delivered because the people died or moved away, and fill them out and submit them in that person’s name.  In addition, liberals continue to prevent securing our borders while encouraging illegal immigrants to flood into the United States, where they are welcomed by States controlled by liberals. Many of those illegal immigrants are turning up on voting rolls and voting because liberal registrars are not verifying residence.  HB-1 also makes mail-in registration and mail-in voting mandatory, not just legal. It is impossible to verify that the person voting by mail is who they claim to be and registrars can not protect the ballots while in the mailing system. Several postal people in the 2020 election were found in possession numerous ballots that were never delivered to polling places and may have been replaced with fake ballots and many ballots showed up at polling places without their mailing envelope making it impossible to verify that the ballot was the original one that was mailed. HB-1 also allows vote harvesting where unauthorized people can collect votes from voters and transport them to the polling place. There is no guarantee that the person collecting the votes isn’t substituting a fake ballot for the ones they receive.


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