11 Jan

Liberals keep talking about conservatives trying to suppress voting and prevent people from voting implying that conservatives are trying to steal the election by preventing people from voting. The truth is the people that conservatives are trying to prevent from voting aren’t eligible to vote. Liberals are pushing the HB-1 bill which would transfer control of voting regulation to the federal government in violation of the Constitution that allocates that to the States. The bill would then do the same things nationwide that they have already done in States they now control. The bill would invalidate laws requiring ID’s and would prevent States from cleaning names of people off their rolls that haven’t voted in a while so anyone can look over the rolls, pick a name of someone who hasn’t voted in a while (because they may be dead) and claim to be that person and vote. It would invalidate laws requiring people to vote in their own precinct so that person could develop a list of names of people who haven’t voted and go from precinct to precinct voting multiple times, using multiple names. It would also invalid laws requiring verification of residence. It would allow someone to go into a neighboring State and vote, using a factitious address and claiming they just moved into the State, even though they weren’t actually residents of that State. In case you think this is not possible, laws similar to HB–1 are currently in force in many liberal States and cases of all these illegal voting practices were uncovered in those States, in the last election. If HB-1 is enacted, these illegal voting practices will become available in all States.


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