First Sunday of Epiphany Jan 9

07 Jan

The Meaning-The color of the first Sunday of Epiphany is white symbolizing purity. commemorates Jesus’ baptism by John-It reminds us that we need to seek to cleanse the sin out of our life so our life will show the love of God to those around us. Baptism represents our dying to sin and being raised in Christ. If we tell others that Christ has made a difference in our lives, then our lives must demonstrate a positive difference from those around us or they will not believe what we say. Therefore, we need to seek God to remove those things from our lives that hinder our witness for Him. If we have a quick temper or are careless and irresponsible and don’t fulfill our promises, we need to ask God to help us conquer them lest they hinder our witness. The sad fact is that the greatest hindrance to the spread of the Gospel in America is the behavior of those who call themselves Christians but live like the World. (see my series-“In The World, But Not Of It” on how to live a life pleasing to God and still enjoy life).



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