Rosh Hosanna-C

06 Sep

Today is Rosh Hosanna. Many today ignore Rosh Hosanna as one of those traditions of the Jews that has passed away but God said it was one of the celebrations which were to be celebrated forever. As we look to the coming of Rosh Hosanna, those of us who have studied the Bible and believe it look at it coming with fear and hope. We look at it with fear because a large part of the church no longer keeps the Word of the Lord. While they proclaim the Bible as God’s Word, they ignore those parts of it that they don’t agree with. Many churches today are Christian in name only for they do not teach the Word of God or live it out in their life. Many feel they are Christians but have never been taught what it means to be Christian and are not walking with God. Many churches will meet on Sunday morning after Christ comes and wonder why they are still here. Many preachers will stand in the pulpit and try to explain to them why they were left behind but it will all be in vain. We look forward with hope because one year on that day, those who are in Christ will rise to be with him in the air. Just as the Jews prayed on Passover that Elisha would come to share the feast with them, we Christians should pray that Christ will come that we might share the marriage feast of the Lamb with Him.


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