29 Jul

The Texas Governor has ordered State and local law enforcement officers  to turn back those who cross the border illegally because the President has done nothing to control the flow and has actually encouraged people to come by telling them the border patrol will not send them back where they came from.  The Justice Dept.  has urged the Governor to cancel the order. President Biden even discontinued building the wall, saying it prevents Hispanics from entering the country. The wall and law enforcement officers don’t prevent Hispanics from coming in, they can still come in as long as they come through legal checkpoints. The wall is designed to keep out those that come in illegally, as well as the terrorists and those that bring in drugs and sex slaves. The more illegal immigrants that flood our country, the fewer legal ones we can accept. We need the families that bring children to boost our failing population growth, but we need to know that they will be productive, law abiding citizens and not drug dealers, prostitutes, and terrorists. By coming in illegally, they show contempt for our laws. We welcome all who want to be free but need to keep out those that want to enslave and kill us.



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